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Julian then seemed a little lost as to what to do with his life. In 1981 He dropped out of school and washed dishes in a bistro. Then he moved in with Elton John's percussionist Ray Cooper for six months. He spent a lot of time in clubs partying and got a reputation in the press as spoiled rich Playboy. This continued when he was pictured in the press in drag at a wild 19th birthday at the London club Stringfellows on April 8, 1982. He was given some tapes of unreleased John Lennon songs and convinced to record them as an album called Tribute, He worked at the famous Abbey Road studio in London where his father spent so much time recording with The Beatles. He later discovered that the tapes had been stolen from John's home after his murder; so the recordings were never used. Despite this, Julian decided on the path to a career in music.

This was the start of a whirlwind era in life for Julian. In 1983 Julian sent an anonymous tape of demos of his songs to Atlantic Records. The owner Ahmet Ertegun was impressed even though he did not know who the music was by. Julian was signed to Atlantic Records, and in October 1983 Julian and his friends Justin Clayton, and Carlos Morales moved into a French chateau called Manor de Valotte near Never, France to start recording what would become his first album. In February 1984 recording continued in several American studios. On 21 March 1984 he was part of the dedication of a memorial area honoring his father in Central Park in New York City called Strawberry Fields at Yoko's invitation. His first album Valotte was released on 15 October 1984 in Great Britain and 19 October 1984 in America. Julian embarked on a major promotional media blitz, appearing on 16 November on NBC's Friday Night Videos as co-host with Paul McCartney and 31 December Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve in America. The album went platinum on 13 March 1985. Soon his first tour was organized. Rehearsals for the tour started in Las Colinas Studios in Dallas, Texas from 10-22 of March 1985. The tour ran from 29 March through the 10 May. Julian also took part in LIVE AID on 13 July that year. In January 1986 he was nominated as Best New Artist for The Grammy Awards. He also recorded his next album. The Secret Value of Daydreaming was released in America and Great Britain on 24 March, 1986. In 1987 he took a break in Barbados and recorded the music for The Hunting of the Snark. On 20 January 1988 he joined Yoko, Sean, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr as The Beatles were inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in New York City. The next day he was interviewed for the documentary on his father called Imagine. In May 1988 he began recording his third album. Mr. Jordan was released 10 March 1989 in America and 27 March 1989 in Great Britain. He then did two concerts in England- 1 July 1989 in Manchester and 3 July in Liverpool. He then toured America 29 July 1989- 12 September 1989 to promote the album. His fourth album Help Yourself was released 20 August in America and 26 August in Great Britain. This was followed by a promotional tour of radio and television interviews and appearances in America. On September 5 he participated in the L.A. Home Concert. Having had a whirlwind 7 years in the public eye, Julian decided it was time to be out of the public eye, and he had taken more than he could stand of the music industry.

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