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The club has been putting out newsletters since 1992 and is a member of The National Association Of Fan Clubs. Since this marks the tenth anniversary of the club, I wanted to do something special; so I decided to bring it online. I would like to thank Angie Basden-Kauffman for starting the club and being president and then vice-president, C.J. Burianek for helping me out the past 3 years as vice-president of the club, Carolyn Thomas for designing the site, and of course Julian for being him and giving us some great music. I will be updating the site regularly and as news happens. All the stories and pictures were contributed to be printed in the newsletter, and the authors were no longer members when I took over the club from Angie; so I had no way to check if they minded the stories being on the web. If anyone has any objection, please let me know, and I will remove it. Some of the pictures used from magazines were from the archives and sent to me uncredited after being cut out. If anyone recognizes them please let me know, and I will credit it.The old message board crashed; so I have put a new and better one. Please check it out. If you would like to contribute any stories, news articles or pictures or have any questions or want to subscribe to the hard copy newsletter of the club, you can e-mail me LauraD@clubjulesrules.com or send them to JULES RULES, P.O. Box 600704, Dallas, Texas 75360-0704. If you have any problems with reading the site or design-related questions you can email Carolyn Thomas at cathroma@aol.com . We hope you enjoy it.

Too Late For Good-byes,
Laura Dever of JULES RULES



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