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.: 2003 Pictures Of Julian Lennon

Pictures taken this year of Julian can be found at Lifepress.com


Julian was one of the children of rock stars featured on the documentarySINGING IN THE SHADOWS: THE CHILDREN OF ROCK ROYALTY, which aired on the Bravo cable network in the U.S. on July 27. His clips were taken from 1999 interviews. It wil be repeated on August 3.

.: BLOWFISH Opens In San Jose, California

The San Jose, California branch of the Japaneese restaurant BLOWFISH that Julian opened with a friend from San Francisco opened last week 06/25/2003. If you are in the San Jose area, check it out.

.: Julian's RED BAR is too noisy

From Contactmusic NEWS 17/08/2003 JULIAN LENNON FORCED TO KEEP QUIET JOHN LENNON's son JULIAN has been forced by neighbours to soundproof his Majorcan restaurant THE RED BAR. Neighbours complained that the deceased BEATLES's legend's son was allowing parties to continue too late in the evening and that the loud jazz was causing a disturbance - so Julian has spent $24,000 (GBP15,000) on soundproofing. Julian, 40, was forced to take drastic measures after officials threatened to take away his restaurant's licence. One neighbour rants, "This isn't a resort like Magaluf. People deserve a good night's sleep." A police spokesman comments, "People round here don't like jazz. If they'd played Beatles songs, I'm sure there would be no problems." Julian, whose restaurant once hosted a gig by THE ROLLING STONES, has enjoyed minor chart success himself, with hits including SALTWATER and TOO LATE FOR GOODBYES. 17/08/2003

.: Yoko on Julian in May 25, 2003 NEW YORK POST PAGE SIX

"LENNON LIVES: Yoko Ono was shocked when Paul McCartney changed the credits on some Beatles songs, putting his name first in front of John Lennon's. 'Paul and I chatted, and got a long OK at a gathering we had after George [Harrison] died,' Ono told Stepping Out's Chaunce Hayden. 'But while he was chatting with me, he was putting his name in front of John's on the records. Let's put it this way, that was a bit jarring. John's name should always be first because it's tradition. It's a trademark, and you don't change that.' As for her stepson Julian claiming she 'cheated' him, Ono retorted, 'I don't think he's been mistreated.... He got exactly what Sean got.' "

.: Happy 40th Birthday, Julian! His Birthday Thoughts

"Hello folks! Yes, it's my birthday! Thank you very much for all your cards and gifts and good wishes. I guess 40 is a bit of a milestone and like most people it has made me feel a bit reflective! Going back to the beginning . I got dealt the most unusual set of cards and I've made no secret of the fact that sometimes life was tough for me and mum, but we survived, in fact we did better than survive, I think we turned out rather well, 'cos we had each other. What I have learnt over the years . with all the madness and mayhem . is that what really matters is family and friends. If we don't lose sight of that we'll be ok. Living through this time of political uncertainty only makes me believe this even more. And maybe once we get through this unsettled time we can look forward to a future of harmony, tolerance and peace. Making music is just one of things I do, it will always be part of my life. But what, over the years, has made me the proudest is that my music has touched so many people and that you've told me so. Writing songs that mean something to people makes me feel truly happy! Love and music . these have always been the most important things to me. And I've been privileged to have both . I can honestly say I'm one of the luckiest *%$*&" I know! So thank you to all the special people in my life! They say life begins at 40 . and you know I really do feel that I'm at the beginning of whatever is yet to come and that I've still to reach my full potential as an artist and human being . now's the time to put into practice everything I've learnt so far. I'm taking a couple of weeks off to celebrate my birthday, but I'll be back in the studio soon. The writing is going well and I'm really pleased with how my home studio has turned out, so the new album is very much on its way! I'll sign off now but not before I say a heartfelt thank you to each of you for all your love and support over the years, you'll never know how much it means to me. Thank you. Till the next time. All the best, Julian xxx"

.: TAFF'S GOLD Filming Delayed

Also in his 03/03/2003 email to fans on his list Julian said his appearance in the film TAFF'S GOLD is in question. It was due to start filming in March 2003, but the producers are still waiting for the reast of the grant money. He still hopes to be in it, though he does not know if other committments will conflict with whenever the filming starts.

.: "Hold Tight" on Third World's CD AIN'T GIVIN' UP

In a 03/03/2003 email to fans on his list Julian said his duet "Hold Tight" on the Third World CD AIN'T GIVIN' UP was released in Japan in September. It will probably be released in May in Europe and North America in May.

.: Julian's Father's Childhood home to open for tours March 29.

In his email Julian also mentioned that his father John Lennon's childhood home (which Yoko Ono brought and donated to The National Trust) has been redecorated as it would have looked when his lived there and made into a museum. It will open to tours on 29 March.

.: Latest News From Julian On Lennon.Net

This was rather a sad message from Julian about people lost the past couple of weeks. "L A T E S T N E W S I am, like everyone else, both shocked and saddened by the death of Maurice Gibb. I met Maurice just a few times but he was truly one of the most warm-hearted people I knew. Deepest sympathies from Mum and me to Yvonne and their children, and to Barry and Robin. He leaves a huge hole in their lives. Everyone is going to miss him and his wonderful smile but he leaves a legacy, the music. We'll always remember him through the sublime music of the Bee Gees. Rest In Peace Maurice. We had other bad news last week. Some of you know Derek Gibson who was webmaster for julianlennon.com and lennon.net. Sadly, Derek passed away last Monday night. He will be very much missed by us all. My thoughts are with his wife Ray and their son, Grant. Please keep the Gibb family and the Gibson family in your thoughts and prayers. Julian" I had a lot of contact with Derek personally and am very appreciative of the help and kindnes he showed me when others would not. I will miss that, and my thoughts and prayers are with his family, Julian, and others who knew and worked with him.

.: Julian's New Year's Greeting And Talking About lennon.net

On January 3 Julian sent an Email to fans on his site's newsletter list. He wished everyone a Happy New Year and talked about the features of www.lennon.net and how well it was going.

.: Julian To Appear On Upcoming CD By Reggae Band Third World

According to an October 30 email sent to his official website's email list, Julian has recorded a duet and background vocals on a song called "Hold Tight" that will be on the upcoming CD by the reggae band Third World.

.: Julian Involved In Japaneese Restaurant

According to his October 30 email to those on his site's mailing list, Julian and a friend in San Francisco have opened a Japaneese restaurant called BLOWFISH and will be opening a location in San Jose, California in early 2003 and hope to follow with other locations.

.: Julian In Negotiations To Appear In An Independent Film

In the October 30 email to those on his official website's email list, Julian said he is in negotiations to appear in an independent film called TAFF'S GOLD. It will begin filming late this year or in early 2003. The movie is set in North Wales. He will play the small part of a stoned hippie technical genius named Rhys.

.:Lennon Family Legal Briefs

On September 27 Yoko Ono settled her lawsuit with former personal assistant Fred Seaman over copyright to photos he took of John Lennon and family during his time of employment that he was selling. The settlment said that Seaman would relinquish the negatives and photos and copyright and any other possessions he still had to Yoko, but would receive copies of all pictures. He will not publish stories of his time with the Lennon's for profit, which would include future editions of his book THE LAST DAYS OF JOHN LENNON. Yoko agreed to credit Seaman with the picture that Seaman took of John and Sean that was used in the packaging of THE LENNON ANTHOLOGY CD and was previously uncredited to him. She also agreed to return his personal journals that he kept while working for the Lennons that had disappeared and ended up in Yoko's possession. On October 9, 2002 (what would have been his 62nd birthday)John Lennon's assasin was again denied parole.

.: Julian To Be A Chef/Night Club Owner?

The September 24 issue of THE DAILY MAIL in England reported that Julian has left the music business and is now going to be a chef in Majorca. The September 25 CHIGAGO SUN TIMES Michael Sneed column picked this up too "A music note . . . Singer Julian Lennon, son of the late Beatle John Lennon, has exchanged his guitar for a frying pan. The young Lennon now lives in Majorca, where he is reportedly a chef at a place called Red's Bar. Lennon told the Brit press: "It's no longer a question of talent. It's all about a fast buck, all hype and marketing. Boy and girl bands rule, talent doesn't. Oblivion is bliss." He also gets to live near mummy." CHICAGO SUN TIMES. "LYCOS E NEWS reported on October 2, 2002 that Julian has started work on a swanky night club he is going to open in Majorca. (Thanks to Pat Lee for her post about this on Fanspeak on Julian's official site.) Julian's people have said he has NOT announced his retirement from music, but he has lots of business interests in Europe. Julian himself said in an October 30 email to those subscribed to his website's mailing list that these stories were totally unrtrue. In fact, he has been rebuilding and upgrading his home recording studio, doing all painting, wiring, ect. himself, and it will hopefully be finished by Spring.

.: Julian Lennon To Be Part Of George Harrison Tribute CD

According to the Abbey Road website. Julian will be recording 'My Sweet Lord' for a George Harrison tribute album called GEORGE HARRISON- SONGS FROM THE MATERIAL WORLD on Koch Records (Ringo Starr's label) that is scheduled for an October release. Evidently this is not 100% certain. Steve Marinucci who runs the page was told by the people at Julian's site that it was unlikely this was happening, as Julian has not recorded "My Sweet Lord" that they knew of, but it was possible they had not been told that it had been or would be recorded. I was told when I inquired that they could not comment on this, as they were given no information on it. Since another artist who was said to be on it is denying being involved, we'll have to see if this pans out. Here is a link to the full story Abbey Road Site . The September 7, 2002 LAUNCH MUSIC article listed Julian as one of the performers and the release date of February 25, 2003, which would have been George Harrison's 60th birthday. Read the full article at Launch Music

The latest track record however does not include Julian or "My Sweet Lord."

.: The House Where Julian Was Conceived Is Up For Sale

The house where Julian was conceived will go on the market this month (June 2002). It was the house his mother Cynthia lived in during her time in art school. You can read the brief story from the May 25 LIVERPOOL ECHO and be found by entering Lennon in search box and clicking on the article "Beatle Was Here."

Laura Dever photo of Julian Lennon

.: Charlie Lennon Dies

We are sad to report that Julian's great uncle Charlie Lennon died on May 26 at 83 years old. Charlie was much loved by Beatles fans and the Liverpool community. He lived on his pension in a in very simple bedsit with his beloved cat Aigburth 2. The services were arranged by neighbor Karen Waldeis and took place on June 5. He often greeted Beatles fans during their guided tours and chatted with them. He also traveled working as a chef and was also a composer. You can read the full story from THE LIVERPOOL ECHO at , and it can also be found by a search if it does not come up.

Laura Dever photo of Charlie Lennon, 1986

.: New Lennon Site From Julian

Julian and Silkhouse have put together a new site on The Lennons of Liverpool www.lennon.net that was launched on May 28th. It focuses on his father John, his mother Cynthia, and himself. It features biographies, reminiscences, a family tree, and a message board. Here is Julian's announcement of it. "May 28th, 2002 "Hi folks. I've got some exciting news I want to share with you. We've been creating a new Website for some time, and today we're launching www.lennon.net . This new site is dedicated to the Liverpool Lennons, my family in Britain. Visitors can experience the story of the Lennon family from the 1800's through the years right up to now. There's also a never-before-seen peek at the family memorabilia I've been collecting..items like the "Sgt. Pepper" gold disc and Dad's afghan coat from "Magical Mystery Tour". And much more. This is an organic project, one that will grow with your help. So let us know what you think about the new site. We especially want to hear YOUR stories about the Liverpool Lennons. Have you had a "close encounter" with Dad or any other members of the family? Do you have any photographs of the family? Tell us you YOUR special memory or let us see YOUR unique picture and we'll get them up on the site for everyone to enjoy. Email your stories and comments to info@silkhouse.co.uk I look forward to hearing form you. All the Best Jules xxx "

.: Julian covers the Beatles' classic "When I'm Sixty-Four" for an Allstate Commercial

On January 21st Allstate Corporation in the U.S. announced the launch of a new national television campaign emphasizing it's transformation to a financial services provider with it's Allstate Financial Group division in a commercial featuring Julian Lennon's cover version of The Beatles' "When I'm 64" that he recorded recently in New York City. Julian released a statement about it on his official website www.julianlennon.com. "It's funny how all my life I have been asked to record John Lennon songs and impersonate my father, now out of the blue, I get a request to sing a Beatles song. When I'm 64, originally recorded by Paul, is a song that I never imagined myself performing, but because the idea was so quirky and the fact that I saw a great deal of humor in doing it, I thought - why not!" You can read the press release at Allstate's website. Paul McCartney made the following comments about Julian recording a Beatles song for a commercial in the March 31, 2002 Washington Post. "It's a dumb move on the publishing company's part because I don't think it helps the songs in the long run. But if anybody's going to do it I'd rather it be Julian. I've got to laugh at that." A second version of the commercial with the same music is now airing frequently.


August 1, 2003
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