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.: A Meeting with Julian

by Catherine Stanton

I have been a Julian Lennon fan for over ten years now. I remember hearing "Valotte" for the first time. I was on my way to school with my dad and my brother, and it came on the radio. My dad remarked that it sounded just like John Lennon. Sure enough, after the song went off the air an announcer said that the artist was Julian Lennon, John Lennon's son. At the ripe old age of 14 I didn't even know John Lennon had a son. I didn't even know he had ever been married to anyone but Yoko Ono! For me everything "Lennon" was either Beatles or post-Beatles music. My father loved the stuff, but I wasn't exceptionally crazy about it.


Photo by Diane Randall

I really began on the road to Julian Lennon "fandom" when I started watching music videos. He was adorable! I rushed out for every magazine I could find in stereotypical teenage crush fashion, looking for any picture I could get of Julian Lennon. I brought Valotte on tape and listened to it until the tape practically warped. When CDs became the rage, it was the first CD I actually purchased. My father really enjoyed feeding my hobby of collecting Julian Lennon memorabilia. When I was home sick with the flu and bronchitis, he brought home Stand by Me, a video of Julian on tour. When The Secret Value of Daydreaming came out, he called up some people he knew back from his days of working at Capital Records and arranged to get me a set of advertising posters they used in record stores. I was thrilled.

Then most unfortunately, Julian disappeared for a few years. He returned with Mr. Jordan, his third album. By this time I had gotten over my teenage crushes (or so I thought) and had taken down all of my posters. (I had moved to a new house.) And I pretty much just listened to the albums on an irregular basis. I had a summer job where I basically did nothing but sit around in an empty office and answer the phone when it rang once or twice a day. I read a lot of newspapers. While rifling through a particularly unassuming issue of The Atlanta Journal, I turned to the events section and found that Julian Lennon would be appearing in concert at Chastain Park in only a few weeks! My first instinct was to pick up the phone and excitedly call my dad. I had no idea how to get tickets to Chastain Park, so I asked him if I could, and he did.

What I didn't realize was that once again he had managed to pull a few of famous "dad" strings (whatever they were) and called in a favor to get me backstage passes to actually MEET Julian Lennon. He didn't tell me this until the day of the concert! When he did, I screamed. I was thrilled beyond belief! In the weeks since I had heard about the concert, Mr. Jordan had gotten all the air time on the stereo in my car; it was practically all I listened to that summer while driving.

We arrived a Chastain Park a bit early for the concert. Julian had played at Six Flags many years earlier, on the outskirts of Atlanta. Six Flags had a very large outdoor concert stage. Chastain Park is completely different. A very small venue, it has seating for only hundred of your closest friends and fans, and it's very near the posh Atlanta suburbs. Going to a concert at Chastain Park frequently meant packing up a picnic and eating at table while watching the show. It's not a place for a really rowdy crowd.

My father and I went up to the doors to the backstage area and were given our actual passes. (I still have mine to this day tucked away in a photo album.) When we got in the first thing I saw was Julian standing down on the other end of the hallway, comfortably chatting with people around him. That was when I was rendered speechless, an affliction that unfortunately stayed with me most of the time I was back there. It was a most definite first!

Julian was tan, muscular, and much shorter than I thought he would be! His hair was cut short, and he was wearing a black tank top with jeans with boots. My dad gently pushed me over towards him, reminding me that he was, after all, "just another person; he won't bite." I had a completely silly grin and shook his hand. He seemed very soft spoken and asked if I wanted him to sign anything. That's when I managed to eek out something that remotely sounded affirmative and then realized that I didn't have a thing for him to sign! My father, being much more intelligent than I and having a slew more foresight, handed me his program bulletin and whipped a pen out of his shirt pocket. Julian asked me my name, and I said "Catherine," but it was apparently too loud to hear. So I spoke up a bit and said "Just Cat," not wanting to have to spell out Catherine. (Is that with a "c" or "k", an "ine" or "yn"?. So Cat seemed easier.) He autographed my program and posed for a picture with me that my dad took, and then I moved over to the side to watch him talk to other people who had gotten backstage passes. I was really just content with being this close to someone whose music I had admired for so long. Just observing was a great deal of fun. Eventually it got closer to the time for the concert to begin, and everyone was shooed back offstage. When I got back to my seat I still had a permanent grin plastered on my face and did for the remainder of the evening.

The concert was wonderful and enjoyable. He did a lot of his older music and a very good live rendition of "Mother Mary."

I was amazed at how speechless and quiet I was when I met him and kind of disappointed at that as well. I had wanted to meet Julian for a long time and figured when I did that I would have something witty or at least coherent to say. And beyond that, here I was at the ripe old age of 18, getting ready to graduate high school and go to college. Surely, I was adult enough to be over these old crushes, but apparently I wasn't!

The rest of that summer I continued to wear out Mr. Jordan on tape, and I went out and purchased another cassette and the CD as well. Help Yourself came out a few years later while I was in college, and I even still catch the occasional Julian Lennon vocals on songs like Toy Matinee's "Turn It On Salvador," and "Things She Said." All of my friends are official Lennon scouters, pointing me in the direction of anything he's even remotely affiliated with so that I can continue to get my Julian fix!

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.: A Totally Tubular Experience!

by Rachel Salit

On Saturday December 30, 1995 I was riding on The Tube (subway) in London. My friend and I were out to go sight-seeing. Two men got in our car. I did not pay much attention until my friend nudged me. There, sitting on the other side of the car, was Julian Lennon.

I sat there staring, my mouth wide open, trying not to do anything stupid. My friend sat there and laughed at me. He got off at our stop. As we were going up the escalator my friend kept trying to grab his butt. After a quick speech by me on not grabbing the butts of people you don't know, she stopped. We stepped off the escalator. He went his way, and we went ours.

I had seen Julian Lennon, the man I have had a crush on since I was six years old. He was my first concert, concert t-shirt, and crush on a star. It was the most memorable day of my life.

London's Underground

London's Underground


.: When My Daughter Met Julian

by Susan Ponder

In August 1999 Julian Lennon visited New Orleans during his tour. My six year old Kailee, is an admirer of Julian and found out that he would be at the House of Blues. On the day of the show I suggested that she take her copy of "I'm a Little Teapot" in which Julian provided the voice for the teapot. We arrived at the House of Blues and there was quite a lot of activity outside the stage door. I asked one of the gentlemen standing outside the door if they thought Julian would mind autographing her copy of the film. They went back and checked with him after his sound check. In approximately 5 minutes, Julian comes out of the stage door along with a beautiful girl named Lucy. He autographed Kailee's video and also chatted for a few minutes from everything about the video to his mother's artwork. He also sang a few lines of "I'm a Little Teapot" for Kailee, which absolutely made her day! We have lovely memories of that day. Thanks, Julian!


Julian Lennon fan Kailee



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